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Living Chicago

Last summer has changed me in a way I couldn’t have imagined. I lived an intercultural experience that I’ll never forget. The people I met in EF Chicago filled a small but also huge piece of my heart and I learned much more than a language.

If you ask me if I would repeat I say: OF COURSE! And I’m certain I will.



Such thoughts make me miss Chicago a lot so I leave you with the second video:


Never think twice and go for it!


Back to the roads

Hi bloggers!

The activity never stops, even two months after I left the city.


The experience there was so deep that I still have many of things to think about and photos to show you.

My latest purpose has been focused on letting you feel what I felt.


I’ve made two stopmotion videos which describe life in Chicago, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it 😀

Here comes the first one:

You can be a part of this great adventure!

Sweet home

Hi bloggers! I’m in my country now and it’s more difficult to post cause everything has changed and my point of view is very different from here but I want to take profit of this situation.


First af all I’ve been uploading my Flickr, which you can find at the right column.

There you can find not only interesting new photos but also – in my opinion, you know – good explanations about the places I’ve been to, the people I met etc.

I’m only able to upload 300Mb a month (and a maximum of 200 photos)  so I have to prepare a very small selection (I don’t like it).


On the other hand I’m planning to open a new page (like the other one, “About“, where you can enter and read why I started this blog). There I will tell you important facts and all kind of useful things about Chicago (and EF also).
So check it out soon!

Last days

This week I’ve been too busy to post regularly because I’m leaving on Sunday and I didn’t want to miss anything about this great city, but I will finish to tell you all my experience as soon as I arrive home.

Bye Bye Chicago Bye bye Chicago!


Now I’m going to prepare some postcards I’ve to send to Spain and read a rolling paper from my classmates saying goodbye :$.

The experience doesn’t finish here!!

Willis Tower

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If you have the chance to stay in Chicago you MUST visit the Willis Tower, or most commonly used “The Sears Tower“.

It is not surprising that it’s one of the most important icons of the city. Standing at 1,450 feet (500 m) and 110 stories (floors) its skydeck welcomes 3 million visitors every year.


Joe is so cool!

Our teacher took us to one of the two Mexican neighborhoods in the city.

I like it so much! We had a very good time there. Actually it’s been one of the nicest afternoons I’ve had here.

We ate spicy food (I couldn’t stand it), visited some shops and cafeterias, talked for a while… and I took some pics to show you.

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Chicago neighborhoods

Yesterday I travelled from China to Greece and it only took me a couple of hours.

Just kidding, I wish it was possible but right now I can go to Greektown and Chinatown without leaving Chicago.

In Chinatown I really felt as if I was in another country but the Greek neighborhood wasn’t so special.

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If you’re looking for specific Chinese items it’s the correct place to go. You can find from pokemon models to fortune cookies and bamboo plants. You will find nice people too!



At afternoon I had my new Spin class (I changed on purpose), which is called “Chicago Neighborhoods”. Each of the students had to prepare a review about one building in the Loop (the financial and touristic area, where the school and residence are located) and after 15 min we went on an excursion to see the buildings and learn about them. I had to explain Santa Fe building (not the most important).