Chicago neighborhoods

Yesterday I travelled from China to Greece and it only took me a couple of hours.

Just kidding, I wish it was possible but right now I can go to Greektown and Chinatown without leaving Chicago.

In Chinatown I really felt as if I was in another country but the Greek neighborhood wasn’t so special.

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If you’re looking for specific Chinese items it’s the correct place to go. You can find from pokemon models to fortune cookies and bamboo plants. You will find nice people too!



At afternoon I had my new Spin class (I changed on purpose), which is called “Chicago Neighborhoods”. Each of the students had to prepare a review about one building in the Loop (the financial and touristic area, where the school and residence are located) and after 15 min we went on an excursion to see the buildings and learn about them. I had to explain Santa Fe building (not the most important).


4 responses to “Chicago neighborhoods

  • Alexander

    Dragons everywhere. Love the Chinesetown, really beautiful! Your photos look really great, just like you look 🙂

    What do you expect from the greektown? The name says “boring”. Maybe some beautiful things, but chinatown seems to be really cool. Maybe just because its a really far away culture 🙂

  • agataefchicago

    Little Italy was the worst of all, then Greektown. At least there were some flags and “gyros” restaurants.

    Chinatown wasn’t as great as in NYC o Los Angeles but I liked it very much.

  • yaizap

    Wow, I would like to be in Greektown someday though you say there isn’t so special.
    What’s there in Greektown? Any museum or something interesting? Or there are only restaurants and hotels?

    Lots of kisses Agata! Enjoy the last days of your visit!! 😀

  • agataefchicago

    Yaiza there are better places in Chicago to visit. However, they are building a museum there, and it seems to be interesting.

    See you very soon! XO

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