Classes hasn’t barely changed, which is in fact a good thing.
We have a new Spanish boy and the Vietnamese students are leaving this week.


These days I’ve been feeding my cultural interests and, since Chicago is known for its culture, I’ve visited a couple of museums in the city. They are: Art Institute of Chicago and Contemporary Art Museum.

The best thing is that I could enter for free. It is supposed to have free admission only for residents – and specific days, of course – but you know, begging a little or saying that you’re gonna leave helps.

In my opinion the Art Insitute is better than the second I’ve just mentioned because it is by far the largest one. Actually it reminds me of The British Museum. You can find art from cultures all around the world, from a Picasso to a Japanese kimono.



I haven’t finished yet. I don’t want to make you feel jealous but I’ve tickets for tonight baseball match WhiteSox vs. Yankees.

Let’s go Yank…sorry, let’s go WhiteSox!


2 responses to “Museums

  • Alexander

    Love! I have to tell something important, i made a decision and i think it’s a correct decision. Today lot of things happened to me, and i thought a lot. I’m waiting for you to connect, but i thing you are too busy ๐Ÿ˜›

    Well, about your post, i wish i could see a baseball match like you. That will be really really great. With the big hand, and a burger or hot dog ๐Ÿ˜€

    Wow, the museums free? Like in London? There’s something to put the money in? That’s really great, for students who need to go there often, that’s a good idea. Make it free.

    Lot’s of kisses!

    PD: Want to tell you this!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Cristian

    Great idea to visit museums when you are on a hangover, but is not a good one when you post a pic about that!
    Anyway, you look better than the masterpiece behind you.
    Hope you will enjoy the days left before you come back, and don’t forget to make happy your materialistic brother!!!^^

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