Bike tour

Yesterday morning (Sat) we went on a bike tour along the seaport. We travelled from Field Museum to Navy Pier.

The rental price was $7/1h and we could choose between a wide sort of bikes. We were lucky because the owner let us use them for three hours instead of two (without extra cost). The place is called Go Bike Chicago and it’s only a few blocks from Fornelli.

The sights were beautiful, here you have some examples.


After leaving the bike shop I went to Crown Fountain. The day has been so hot that I really appreciated the cold water.

I love this place, people from Chicago enjoy it so much!


It’s been a week since I arrived! (And I haven’t gone to the beach yet >.<)


6 responses to “Bike tour

  • Sandra Alvarez

    Don’t worry about the beach!!!
    Remember to bring me “un muchacho guapo” xDDD

  • Alexander

    You always choose the most comfortable bike, so i think the travell was nice.

    Well, the beach there is not a real beach! But there are a lot of more interesting things than a beach. Btw, you need to relax too, so take a book and stay in the Chicago beach haha.

    Well, we don’t have photos! Why is it? Your connection failed or something? Hope you post of them in the next one šŸ™‚

    What is the Crown Mountaint? šŸ™‚

  • Alexander

    PD: Maybe would be nice to you, to create a flickr account and upload all your photos there. Then you only need to post a link in the blog. Easy and fast šŸ™‚

    Today is a grey day, we don’t have rain, but the sun is hidding up there. Now i’m going to eat some “Macarrones gratinados” that are delicious. I know you want to eat some food from here. The Mediterranean cooking!!

    This afternoon i’m going to run to Cambrils and back again to my house, then i will pic up a bike and i will try to arrive at Salou without dying xD The sun here is really hot. I feel like we are in Africa.

  • agataefchicago

    Wow, I left this post yesterday unfinished because the computer was really slow and that’s what I find! hahahah now I have to finish and reply your comments šŸ˜› (I’ve just woke up)

  • agataefchicago

    I’m sorry Sandra, I have only met one American boy, and he had a girlfriend…

    Yeah that’s true Alex, my bike was “unique” hahah

    The Crown FOUNTAIN, I told you about that before I think, when I first went to Millenium, anyway you have a photo šŸ™‚

    You know that I’ve a Flickr account Ā¬Ā¬ I asked you for help because the link to the photostream didn’t work well (before leaving Cambrils).

    OMG don’t tell me about the macarroni!! You make me feel jealous and hungry xD

    You say it as if you didn’t live in Cambrils xD where are you picking the bike?? Take mine please, I don’t want my tires to deflate.

  • pictures

    Which was equally attention-grabbing also as
    insightful! Thank you for sharing your feelings with us.

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