Today we’ve been to Aurora’s Outlet (Premium Outlet).

We hadn’t checked the time-table of the Metra – the Chicago’s train – so we took a cab (taxi) to make the most of our time. We were 5 in the taxi, unbelievable, they try to make money from everywhere. The average price is $100 but I convinced him to pay less than this.

I recommend you that place but please, look for all the info before going.
Otherwise there was a woman who told us Light House Outlet is better and has more variety.

My friend Mónica in front of a store.


3 responses to “Aurora

  • Alexander

    It’s funny just to imagine you haggeling with the taxi drivers. I think they accept your offert because your smile is the greatest smile ever 🙂

    That Outlet seems to be really great, you bought there a lot of things! The Air Jordan, the eBook, and some other things that you didn’t told me 🙂

    We couldn’t talk in that bar because the noise were incredible, but it’s really nice to know about you 🙂

  • agataefchicago

    The driver was an Indian man and it was a little bit difficult to understant him but you’re right, with my powerfull smile I achieved what I wanted.

    The Outlet is very similar to La Roca del Vallès.
    I bought a pair of leggins, a pair of shorts and a scarf too.

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