My roommie has left and tonight I’m alone, I’ll miss her a lot. She was very kind and always helpful. To tell you the truth, I didn’t expect such a mate when I arrived here.


I need to call my family and the phone card doesn’t work… this makes me feel a little bit sad but tomorrow I’ll try to ask the “receptionist” (they also take part in the security and wear special clothes) for help. We’ve been talking before and she is very friendly because she likes trying to speak Spanishwith us.



Note: normally when I say “we” or “us” it doesn’t mean that I’ve got a personality disorder. I’m referring to people who stays in the residence or whom I know from the School/flight/class/etc.


2 responses to “Nostalgia

  • Alexander

    I’m sorry about the leaving of your roommate, but i’m sure the next one will be really nice too. You told me something about Sue, and i hope you will see her again. Maybe not soon, but someday, who knows…

    I don’t understand why the card phone doesn’t work, i told your parents to call you but maybe they didn’t saw the sms, or they couldn’t. They didn’t anwered me.

    Before writting this i read again all your posts and i saw a lot of new things in some of them 😛

    Well, there’s only 1 post remain to comment, and…. THERE’S NO PHOTOS!!! WHYY GOD WHY!!

    We want to see you, your smile, your “alittlebitlong hair”, your posses in the photos, and maybe we can see Sue with you in some photos.

  • agataefchicago

    In fact the other girls with whom I share the restroom told me that another girl had been here but she moved because she wanted a single room.

    Now you have more photos! This will make you review my posts 😛

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