Little Italy

This morning I got disappointed because we went to the neighborhood called “Little Italy” so it was supposed to look really like an Italian place, maybe with some flags or something interesting on it but it was just a normal place with nothing special.

There even were some Mexican an American Bars.

Somebody told us that there is the Musuem of Italian Sports but it was late and I had to go back to EF.

However, there’s gonna be a Festival or something similar with foods, clothes etc.
It is starting on 12th August.


I almost forgot it, we had lunch in a restaurant that was pretty nice. They make what I like to call “American Pizzas“, which are very very fatty.

This is a pic of Sofia at the restaurant. I had never seen a virtual menu before.


3 responses to “Little Italy

  • Sandra Alvarez

    Oooh honey, I’m so happy that you’re having such a good time!!
    Everything in Cambrils is quite boring… the weather is not good enough to be at the beach, and everybody is working so I have to wait to the night to go out.
    (OMG! my mum is listening to La Fuga! hahaha)
    Did I told you anything about the boy that needed classes? This week I went with him three days and the last day was impossible to do a thing… He was crying and shouting at his mum… (I felt really uncomfortable there…) So, his mum said to me that next Monday will be the deffinitive day: if he works I will keep on going, but if he doesn’t we will finish… So wish me good luck!!! I need money!! hahaha
    What elseeee…. Ah! I’m doing quite well with the longboard! Yesterday I showed it to Meri’s brother and he loved it, so I will go skating with him someday, and he will teach me a couple of things that I want to learn! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I find this blog a good idea!
    Baby, tonight I’m doing a bbq with my parents so I’m going to prepare a couple of things… I wish you had a good time there! And enjoy all I’m not enjoying!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I love you sweety!!

  • Alexander

    You told about the fatty pizzas and i started to feel hungry xD But we want to see some pictures about this pizzas!

    About Little Itally, i though there was only Little Itally in California and New York. I know this places are called like this because some years ago, Little Itally were the place for so many itallian fishermens.
    But now… it’s not like a chinesse downtown, the itallians spread all around the city.

  • agataefchicago

    Alex there’s also Chinatown here, but people has told me it’s not like the one in NY.

    Sandrina!! How are you honey? Do you like my blog? I still have many things to improve here.
    I can’t believe that Cambrils is boring! Well Chicago has a lot of activities to do and fortunately I haven’t visited everything yet.
    Tomorrow I wanna go to a baseball match, I’ll post if I do so.

    You should stop the classes with that guy, it doesn’t bring you any good. You’d better look for another child.

    Know what? Near the residence there’s a gallery (I’ve written about it in a post), and they sell painted longboards for $12 (10โ‚ฌ, more or less).
    Hmmm he will teach you “a couple of things”… hahahah ๐Ÿ˜›

    Keep in touch by blog ^^

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