I didn’t expect that finding a supermarket in this city would be such a difficult job. I understand why they prefer fast food!

Yesterday evening I learned some survival skills.
I was supposed to find somewhere to buy food at 11th St – you have better take public transport – but there was nothing there. After being disappointed I tried to walk back to the residence so I could find that place elsewhere in the way. However, I got fed up with the situation and went to a Chinese take away. There I asked the waitress for a supermarket or something similar and after some efforts (she had a strong Chinese accent) I got an adress.

By my surprise it was all I need and I could buy some pasta and fruit for the week. The place is called Jewel-Osco, perfect for a market, isn’t it? (note the ironic mood).


2 responses to “Surviving

  • Alexander

    Today i talked to you about this, but i want to comment more things 😀

    Well, it’s nice to you to “learn” how to survive there. When you come back you can teach me those things!

    You will discover more things about the city, looking for a supermarket, than if you go like a tourist xD
    Here you can find a supermark over every corner, but there isn’t so many fast food places. Different cultures.

    You say the Chinesse women have a strong accent, but i’m sure that you have a nice spanish mediterranean accent ;P (i love it!)

    By the way i know that your sppaghettis were pretty good! Congratulations!



  • agataefchicago

    Hahah you do love my accent? :$
    You see I’ll go back with an american accent, I hope you still love me xD

    Btw, thank you for the advertising and spaming honey ^^

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