From Downtown Chicago

Hi guys, I love this city, I’ve just earned $10 (almost 10€) only by answering a survey in the street.


The morning today went okey. I had more time to sleep (I woke up at 9) and I’ve been able to investigate the area a little bit more.
Actually I found a gallery which is keen on preparing teenagers who left school to learn art skills, and believe me, the job is fascinating.

My first lesson was great, my teacher is very funny and I feel confident in the class. The majority of my classmates are from Asia (Vietnam and South Korea) but there are also a Polish boy, a girl from Belgium and of course one Spanish girl.
We make a perfect combination, 7 girls + 7 boys, and we’re all over eighteen. There are even married people.
The aim today was to improve communication so we did presentations and then some oral activities.
I might be unlucky because one of my books was wrong, it has some pages broken and so. I hope they give me a new one tomorrow.


After the lesson I went to a Mexican restaurant – not like the Spanish ones – with some classmates and fortunately the Spanish girl told me where to buy good food – that’s what I’m going to do now.


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4 responses to “From Downtown Chicago

  • agataefchicago

    I forgot to say that we have a Finnish boy too.

  • Alexander

    Well now i have a lot to comment, so let’s go.

    I’m really happy that you’re enjoyining your lessons there. You’re having such a high level of english and i think it’s a little bit difficult, so you must be working hard!

    I love to read you and learn new things about that city. It’s like i’m there with you too.

    I like your photos but. Where are you!??!?! Yes we see a lot of strange and beautiful things in the city but. We want to see you! Tell your roommate to make you photos when you go outside!



  • agataefchicago

    I hadn’t seen your comment untill now!

    I don’t feel really like “working”, what I’m practicing more are my speaking skills actually.

    I know you want to see me but I don’t have many photos yet, my mates have to send them to me >.<

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