25th July, First Day

Finally I’m in Chicago.

I’ve spent all day out since Chicago has so many places to visit.

I will just tell you that it is a BIG city. There are no cities like that in my country.


I’m staying at a students residence called Fornelli Hall. The accomodation is pretty good and it is 5 mins walking from EF School.


Today we only attended an orientation lecture which lasted about 3 hours. I got a C1-3 – or Advanced 3 – level at MyEF placement test.

There are too many Spanish students but if there is something I’ve learned today it is NOT to speak Spanish here.
Teachers have even threatened us with a gun – a water gun obviously.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To end the day, me and some guys from Fornelli went to Oz Park to watch a free movie, West Side Story.


Important note: if somebody tells us that you don’t have to bring cash, it’s false. I owe more than 10$ to some mates for that reason.


2 responses to “25th July, First Day

  • Alexander

    It’s nice to read about your daily. I’m really happy that you’re having fun there. If you say it’s a BIG city, just wait to see what this city will show you.

    The photos are really great! That place where you went to see the movie seems to be really cool 🙂

    Waiting for the next post!

    🙂 T

  • agataefchicago

    Oh Alex, I forgot to tell you that I met my teacher yesterday, I said “hey are you Joseph? You will be my teacher” and he seemed really glad to know me and said it was a good class.

    You will have to wait all the day for my next post, sorry.

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