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Bike tour

Yesterday morning (Sat) we went on a bike tour along the seaport. We travelled from Field Museum to Navy Pier.

The rental price was $7/1h and we could choose between a wide sort of bikes. We were lucky because the owner let us use them for three hours instead of two (without extra cost). The place is called Go Bike Chicago and it’s only a few blocks from Fornelli.

The sights were beautiful, here you have some examples.


After leaving the bike shop I went to Crown Fountain. The day has been so hot that I really appreciated the cold water.

I love this place, people from Chicago enjoy it so much!


It’s been a week since I arrived! (And I haven’t gone to the beach yet >.<)



Today we’ve been to Aurora’s Outlet (Premium Outlet).

We hadn’t checked the time-table of the Metra – the Chicago’s train – so we took a cab (taxi) to make the most of our time. We were 5 in the taxi, unbelievable, they try to make money from everywhere. The average price is $100 but I convinced him to pay less than this.

I recommend you that place but please, look for all the info before going.
Otherwise there was a woman who told us Light House Outlet is better and has more variety.

My friend Mónica in front of a store.


My roommie has left and tonight I’m alone, I’ll miss her a lot. She was very kind and always helpful. To tell you the truth, I didn’t expect such a mate when I arrived here.


I need to call my family and the phone card doesn’t work… this makes me feel a little bit sad but tomorrow I’ll try to ask the “receptionist” (they also take part in the security and wear special clothes) for help. We’ve been talking before and she is very friendly because she likes trying to speak Spanishwith us.



Note: normally when I say “we” or “us” it doesn’t mean that I’ve got a personality disorder. I’m referring to people who stays in the residence or whom I know from the School/flight/class/etc.


Yesterday night we went to see le Cirque du Soleil at United Center. The organisation was poor and it was raining cats and dogs but the performance was AWESOME, as always. This time story was about insects. It had some funny parts and also scary ones; due to the difficulty of the acrobatics.
It wasn’t full so we were able to occupy some goods seats.

Alex, I missed you sooo much 😦



This afternoon’s class has been funny. We’ve gone to the park to play fresbee and talk about the film we saw yesterday at class. I’ll publish some photos as soon as possible.

After that some of us (teacher included) went to take ice-cream to Dunkin Donuts. I don’t recommend you the “pistacho&almond” flavour.

Oh girls, we’ve the Robert Norris University Football Team being moved to Fornelli ; )

Little Italy

This morning I got disappointed because we went to the neighborhood called “Little Italy” so it was supposed to look really like an Italian place, maybe with some flags or something interesting on it but it was just a normal place with nothing special.

There even were some Mexican an American Bars.

Somebody told us that there is the Musuem of Italian Sports but it was late and I had to go back to EF.

However, there’s gonna be a Festival or something similar with foods, clothes etc.
It is starting on 12th August.


I almost forgot it, we had lunch in a restaurant that was pretty nice. They make what I like to call “American Pizzas“, which are very very fatty.

This is a pic of Sofia at the restaurant. I had never seen a virtual menu before.

Green Chicago

Milenium Park is wonderful, it’s a pity it was so hot.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Can you believe there are more Starbucks than Mc Donalds? there is one of them each 50m!


I’ve only been a couple of hours in the street and I’ve been filmed for an advertising and also given free drinks (from a different company).

In addition, I’ve visited a “methodist” church. I will surf the net to find out what it means.